Chinese Drywall

Chinese Drywall

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"Chinese drywall" refers to an environmental health issue involving defective drywall manufactured in China and imported to the United States starting in 2001.

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Asbestos Abatement

Asbestos Abatement

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In residences, asbestos was often a component of a type of flocked acoustic ceiling called popcorn ceiling or "cottage cheese ceiling"

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Roof Masters

Roof Masters

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RoofMasters, Customwork’s roofing division, can tarp or secure any structure. We are on call 24/7. We can handle all kinds of roof such as flat, torch down, shingles, metal and TPO.

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Fire Smoke Water Mold

Residentical & Commercial | Mitigation

CustomWork is available 24/7. Our goal is to be on site with technicians, equipment within 3 hours or less of receiving the call. We provide all the services necessary to mitigate structural damage and reduce loss of personal property.

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Core Services We also build strong, long-lasting relationships based on mutual respect, trust and integrity.

  • 100% Financing Available
  • Asbestos Abatement

    Asbestos Abatement

    CustomWork specializes in Commercial and Residential abatement and remediation of asbestos from occupied residential buildings, industrial and manufacturing facilities, and other facilities where priority must be given to maintaining ongoing operations

  • RoofMasters


    Installation, repair, and replace all types of residential and commercial roofs including shingles, wood shingles and shakes, various types of metal roofing, and flat membrane roofs.

  • Chinese Drywall

    Chinese Drywall Remediation

    CustomWork offers the very best option available to anyone considering remediating and rebuilding their Chinese drywall home.

  • Remediation Assessment

    Free Remediation Assessment

    CustomWork offers visual inspections which includes a thorough inspection of the structure to determine source of the problem and how best to remediate a solution, plus a detail estimate and report. If air or swab testing is needed there is a cost based on the number of samples needed.

  • Emergency Support

    24/7 Emergency Support

    CustomWork is available 24/7. Our goal is to be on site with technicians, equipment within 3 hours or less of receiving the call.

  • General Construction

    General Construction

    Regardless of the size of loss to a residential or commercial building CustomWork can build it back with our excellent Construction Division

  • Mitigation Services

    Residential & Commercial Mitigation

    CustomWork experts are ready to assist in the clean up of biohazard materials and provide deep cleaning services for your home. Find out more about our professionals.

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