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  • We use "State Of the Art" roofing materials
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  • Metal roofing, Snap-lock or R-Panel. 29, 26, or 24 gage
  • Commercial rubber, TPO, Retro-fit, or torch down roof systems
  • Build rafter and truss systems, metal or wood

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Every year, storm related damage costs homeowners billions of dollars. In fact, according to the Insurance Information Institute, storms occurring this past winter alone (2009/2010) accounted for more than $1 billion worth of damage to homeowners.

The Storm Damage Repair Exports
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Hail and strong winds can cause serious damage to your roof and exterior—many times unbeknownst to the homeowner. Shingles are generally made with an asphalt foundation layer, with UV protecting "granules" on top. Hail can cause serious granules loss, which can expose the asphalt base-layer to the sun and other elements. This, in turn, dries out the asphalt causing it to bubble up. This loss of granules causes aging acceleration and can void your shingles warranty. Strong winds can also damage a roof—from lifting up the entire roof, to lifting up and breaking individual shingles. Once the shingles seal to the roof is broken, they can cause interior water damage through a siphoning effect.

While most homeowners realize that hail and strong winds can damage their roofs, few are trained in identifying the damage. In addition, many homeowners either do not realize, or never think that their insurance company might cover the cost to replace the damaged roof.

Our experts assist the homeowner by:

  • Walking the homeowner through the insurance claims process
  • Meeting with the insurance adjustor and negotiating the claim
  • Coordinate with you and your insurance company for a new roof installation or shingle replacement
  • Repairing, replacing or installing attic vents, gutters or gutter caps, chimneys and other related damage
  • Providing you with a 5-year, no hassle guaranty on installation and workmanship

Our professional contractors can also assist you in interior repairs or renovations, as well as other general construction needs.

Why use CustomWork?

We are homeowners, just like you. We also happen to be some of the foremost experts in storm damage roof repair and replacement. As such, we know that our best marketing and the best business decision that we can make is to make sure that you are completely happy and satisfied with the entire experience.

While most roofing companies work hard to get your contract, they either slow down, or pay little attention to the quality of their work or their customers' satisfaction. Fewer still have the expertise to walk you through the insurance claims process. We work hard to make the insurance claims process as easy and painless as possible, handling most of the work behind the scenes. At Roof Masters Plus, we pride ourself in both the quality of our craftsmanship, as well as exceeding the expectations of our clients. Most roofing jobs will be completed in one day—with your house, yard and shrubbery looking as good or better than when we arrived.

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